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Collective Elevation Billings is the leading Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Montana. Voted Billings Best Cannabis Shop in 2019. We have a passion for providing the best medical marijuana products to our clients and leaving the lowest carbon footprint possible as we run our medical marijuana dispensary.

Our goal has always been to develop a farming system and complete bio-integration, with our retail medical marijuana dispensary in Billings, Montana providing only the highest quality medical marijuana. Resulting is the lowest inputs possible and no outputs that would negatively affect our health or environment.

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Are you curious about the legality of using medical marijuana in the State of Montana? Here’s what you need to know.


Must Be 18

To apply for a medical marijuana card in the state Montana.

Annual Renewal

Is necessary to maintain your status as a patient.

One Ounce

Is the maximum a patient can purchase per day, and no more than 5 oz per month.

Consuming In Public

Is not permitted around or in schools, places of worship, public transit, healthcare facilities or around children.

Must Have ID & Card

When purchasing marijuana at a dispensary or consuming marijuana.

Tethered No More

Medical marijuana patients are now able to purchase from any registered dispensary in the state.

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Some Currently

Covered Conditions

To obtain your medical marijuana card in Montana, you must first be approved by a medical doctor for treatment of one of these covered conditions: