The Best Method to Consume Cannabis


A cannabis plant

Do you know that more than 25,000 people consume medical marijuana for different health issues in Montana? There are various methods you can use to consume medical marijuana. Choosing a suitable consumption method can change your experience with it.

Here are five common methods to consume cannabis.  


Smoking cannabis is a traditional way of consuming it. It involves burning a cannabis flower and inhaling its smoke. This method is very effective as your lungs can quickly absorb the cannabinoids. But a drawback of this method is that smoking marijuana can be harsh on the lungs for some people. 


Vaping is an excellent substitute for smoking. It doesn’t combust the cannabis. Instead, it turns the cannabis concentrate or flower into a vapor that’s free from carcinogens and tar.  As vaping delivers the effects immediately, it’s easy to control dosage. Vaporizers are portable and discreet too.


Dabbing is gaining a lot of popularity among cannabis consumers because it can effectively and quickly deliver large amounts of cannabinoids to your body. Dabbing doesn’t use cannabis flowers. Instead, it used concentrates called ‘wax’ and ‘shatter’, which usually contains more than 50% THC.

Dabbing refers to placing cannabis concentrate on a heated water bong. The heat instantly vaporizes the concentrate and delivers a smooth consumption experience. 

Oils and Tinctures 

Oils and tinctures are concentrated cannabis extracts. Before marijuana was banned in the 1930s, cannabis tinctures were widely used for a range of health issues. It’s best to consume tinctures and oils sublingually (adding drops under the tongue). This method allows the medicine to get absorbed in your bloodstream quicker and thereby show better results.  


Drinks and foods infused with cannabinoids are increasingly gaining traction. You can get anything from savory snacks to sodas and candy, with different potencies and formulas. The effect of cannabis edibles lasts longer (from four to eight hours) than other methods.

The only drawback of consuming edibles is that their effect is delayed and can take between thirty to ninety minutes for the medicine to show its effects. This delayed onset makes it challenging to get the right dosage because people feel tempted to consume more before the effects kick in. 

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