How Does CBD Affect My Memory?


As the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) become increasingly well-documented, we continue to see a drastic rise in both consumption by individuals and scientific interest in this amazing cannabinoid.

However, with interest in CBD and the availability of CBD-based health products, such as CBD oils and CBD tinctures, rising exponentially in recent times, there’s bound to be some skepticism regarding its safety and efficacy. And just like THC, the other well-known cannabinoid, CBD finds itself in a grey area where a lack of concrete scientific evidence holds back its ability to deliver clear answers regarding its efficacy for preventing and treating diseases.

CBD’s sister cannabinoid, THC, is known for its psychoactive properties, and has a reputation for impacting the cognitive functions and short-term memory of frequent users. This naturally makes individuals interested in CBD wonder if it produces similar effects.

Does CBD Affect Your Memory?

Although scientific interest in CBD’ potential medical benefits is quickly rising, it’s important to remember that we still don’t have any concrete clinical evidence which supports its efficacy as a viable treatment for any medical condition. Moreover, CBD’s complete range of effects on the physiological and psychological health of humans is yet to be defined.

However, based on the scientific evidence we have so far, the signs are encouraging. In a recent clinical study carried out by the WHO, researchers discovered that there are virtually no health risks associated with CBD. The study found that CBD has no adverse effects on memory, doesn’t trigger negative physiological responses, and that there is zero abuse potential.

In fact, numerous clinical trials and studies have indicated that CBD can potentially reduce cognitive damage caused by trauma, age, and memory disorders like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

CBD’s Potential Role in Mitigating Cognitive Decline

A scientific study conducted to explore the effects of cannabis on memory revealed that frequent use of THC could actually affect memory. However, consuming CBD on the other hand, may potentially protect various aspects of memory function and prevent memory impairment.  

Other studies have presented evidence that CBD can potentially have a direct impact on mammals’ ability recall and elaborate. The Society for the Study of Addiction performed a study on rats and discovered that CD can potentially diminish the rewarding effects produced by addictive drugs in animal models through attenuating contextual memories – which would consequently reduce the cravings.

However, it’s a bit more complicated with humans. In a recently conducted clinical study, it was discovered that CBD apparently isn’t capable of reversing nicotine abstinence-related cognitive impairments in heavy smokers. On the other hand, some studies have suggested that CBD can help diminish addiction of cocaine, opioids, other stimulants, and even THC-rich marijuana. Addiction has an intrinsic relationship with memories – particularly pleasant memories.

However, there’s scientific evidence to suggest that CBD can affect unpleasant memories as well. Numerous preclinical and clinical reports have provided confirmation of CBD’s efficacy in reducing anxiety and other symptoms related to memory disorders and emotional stress, and mitigating the impact of fearful or traumatic memories.

But can CBD prevent, or even possibly reverse, cognitive decline, which is essentially memory loss? Memory loss is one of the significant mental health risks that are associated with old age. Well, while the scientific evidence supporting CBD’s potential to improve memory is limited, it’s definitely growing. Like we’ve mentioned, various clinical trials and studies have already provided proof supporting CBD’s potential to promote neurogenesis and attenuating cognitive damage caused by trauma, age and disease. This effect may be helpful for individuals suffering from degenerative conditions, which is why CBD’s potential therapeutic properties for Alzheimer’s disease are under intense scrutiny right now.

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